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hi internet person, welcome to my website! it was made using sadgrl's website layout and stolen code i found on the internet. don't tell anyone tho.

i'm rob, i make animations and art whenever if i feel like it. you can look at my latest drawings down here or you can go on the art page to see all of them, or you can just check out my newgrounds, youtube and twitter account on the links section, it's where i post other stuff like test animations. you can also sign my guestbook and do other stuff, all the links are on the left, enjoy your stay!

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hey, check out my art


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MelonLand Project!

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  • WE DID IT! 10,000 VIEWS! thank you all for checking out my website, and special thanks to everybody who followed me and to everybody who left nice comments on my chatbox and guestbook, you guys rock! oh yeah, i also need to talk about all the things i added lol. well, i joined more webrings, the spongebob gifypet will probably be moved to another page, made my own button, added polls, buttons to other cool websites, etc... im now working on even more polishing and new assets, decorated the homepage (still working on it) and im also writing shrines! alright bye :)
  • [06/18/23]

  • added alotta stuff and did some polishing in the last couple of days. so i joined my first few webrings (with more to come!), made my own website button, and added polls! the website is smaller than the first version, but i will add e-shrines and stuff. might polish the website a little bit more now, shoutout to all polish people. alright bye :)
  • [06/16/23]

  • new website woooo! took me like 2-3 days of working without never stopping to redesign it lol. i removed the games and tv pages because my god it was too overwhelming, way too much. i really like how it turned out, i still used sadgrl's layout builder because i suck at making one from scratch lol. this is still a wip, some polishing needs to be done and i might add some new pages, like a blog or something idk. also ignore the other two updates below this one they were just placeholders and this guy on discord told me to keep them. shoutout to him. alright thats it bye :)
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